Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean Stick Vacuum

Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean Stick Vacuum

The Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean is a light weight, cordless cleaner that comes with a motorized brushroll that has on/off features. Due to the manner in which it is designed as well as the features, it is an ideal choice for carrying out deep cleaning. It comes with a recharger that has a bracket for wall mounting. With this, cleaning floors becomes quick and easy, regardless of whether you are cleaning carpets or cleaning bare floors. It is also an ideal choice for cleaning stairs and furniture which greatly enhances the appeal of the Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean Stick Vacuum.

With the Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean, you can remove lint and pet hair from your furniture. It is an ideal choice for quick pick-ups as well as cleaning within small openings. It is designed in a compact manner using top notch materials known to offer the best quality. In essence, this is a two in one cleaner and it is this aspect that makes it an attractive buy.

As with most other cordless stick vacuum cleaners we found Amazon.com to have the best price on this one, plus you can get free shipping which is always nice.

Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean Features and Specifications

  • Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.7 x 3.6”
  • Product Weight: 5.6 lbs
  • Motorized brushroll that features on/off switch.
  • Recharger with wall-mounting bracket
  • Converts to hand vacuum for easy stair cleaning
  • Comes with a 6 volt battery.

The Reviews

There are numerous positive reviews for the Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean Stick Vacuum. One consumer says that they bought it when their child learned how to crawl in order to ensure that crumbs among other things were cleaned off the floor before she eats them and it has not disappointed them. This consumer commented that the Electrolux Quick-Up is an indispensable appliance in their household. For starters, they stated that this cordless vacuum cleaner has an easy installation process, and comes with a charger and a battery that is easily removable. Over the years, this consumer has continued to update how they are fairing with the cleaner and having used it for more than 7 years, claims that it is the best possible investment.

Another consumer says that they read reviews on Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean Stick Vacuum and proceeded to buy it and they have not been disappointed so far. This consumer says that it cleans the house entirely and leaves it sparkling clean. Additionally, they say that it works well on hardwood and carpeted floors and after using the Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean for seven months, it is holding up well to the constant use.

It wasn’t all peaches and cream with the Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean. There was one major concern voiced by consumers that purchased this particular stick vacuum cleaner. Consumers complained of the limited battery life. These consumers stated that this quick battery drainage (one consumer estimated after 5 minutes of use) occurred after having the Quick-Up for a few months.

Finally, after researching numerous reviews, the Electrolux Cordless Quick-Up Clean Stick Vacuum gets our positive recommendation. There were an abundance of overall reviews for this particular product and very few complaints. It appears clear from the consumers that this is a quality product and you won’t break the bank (retailing around $55) if you decide to purchase it. As always, do your due diligence in making a purchase decision, but we feel confident in giving the Electrolux our recommendation.

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