Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6 Volt Cordless Bagless Stick Vac with ENERGY STAR Battery Charger

Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6 Volt Cordless Bagless Stick Vac with ENERGY STAR Battery Charger

The Dirt Devil 15.6 Volt cordless stick vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning carpets and bare floors alike and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

This particular stick vacuum cleaner includes a battery that can charge twice as fast as a normal battery. Together with the 15.6 volts it produces, this cordless and bagless cleaner can easily get dirt and dust from your carpet or bare floor with no problems.

Once the battery is fully charged the power coming from it is reduced so that battery is maintained without using any additional power. This means that the energy consumed is reduced by around 70 per cent.

There are a number of stick vacuum reviews for this product that are very positive. A lot of customers that posted reviews felt that this cleaner was well worth the money and offered great performance.

As with most other stick vacuum cleaners we found Amazon.com to have the best price on this one plus you can get free shipping which is always nice.

Dirt Devil Accucharge Features and Specifications

  • Stick vacuum cleaner includes longer life battery which needs far less energy
  • Powerful 15.6 Volt Battery
  • Use motorized brush for cleaning carpets and brush shut off to clean bare floors
  • Stores away easily with handle that folds down

Dirt Devil Accucharge Reviews

There are a large number of positive reviews for this product. Of those customers that left decent feedback, most were impressed by how much this product actually picks up. From experience these customers have found have found that no matter what dirt there is and no matter what surface this does the job. Some customers have used this in the kitchen and the living room with great results. The brush feature is great as you can turn it on or off depending on what surface you are cleaning.

The noise from the vacuum cleaner is minimal so you are not deafened every time you use it. However, the noise does increase slightly if the cup that collects the dirt is full. One of the best aspects about this vacuum cleaner is the battery. Customers were particularly pleased with the performance of this and how it conserves energy. With the way it works to save energy once fully charged you can get far more life and length every time. For many this vacuum cleaner should pay for itself within months as you do not have to constantly buy refills constantly.

Unfortunately not everyone was impressed by this cordless stick vacuum cleaner and felt let down by their purchase. Some found that the charge for this vacuum cleaner only lasts about ten minutes at the most. This was found to be completely impractical when it came to cleaning the house. Also, others found that this vacuum cleaner will not charge up fully until the battery is completely dead. In addition, it has also been noted that you cannot slide this cleaner under furniture when cleaning.

Despite a few negative reviews for this product, most customers loved the stick vacuum cleaner and the functionality it has to offer. If you are after a reasonably priced vacuum cleaner where you do not have to constantly change bags or plug in then this is a great option.

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